Regions of central eastern Asia

East Asia is the eastern subregion of Asia, which can be defined in either geographical or ethno-cultural terms. Culturally, China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam are commonly seen as being encompassed by cultural East Asia (East Asian cultural sphere). Geographically and geopolitically, the region constitutes China, Hong Kong, Macau, Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

  • China - Territory in eastern Asia, ruled since 1949 by the Zhōnghuá Rénmín Gònghéguó
  • Hong Kong - Territory in southeast China, formerly a British Crown colony, ruled since 1997 as a Special Administrative Region of China
  • Japan - Archipelago off the northeast coast of Asia, ruled since 1947 by the Nippon-koku
  • Korea, North - Territory in northeast Asia, nominally ruled since 1948 by the Chosŏn Minjujuŭi Inmin Konghwaguk
  • Korea, South - Territory in northeast Asia, ruled since 1948 by the Daehanminguk
  • Mongolia - Territory in east central Asia, ruled since 1992 by the Mongol uls
  • Taiwan - Island off the southeast coast of China, ruled since 1949 by the Zhōnghuá Mínguó

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