By convention, the largest and most populous continent
  • Arabian Peninsula - Large peninsula in southwest Asia, between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf
  • Asia, Central - Region in the middle of the Asian continent east of the Caspian Sea
  • Asia, East - Regions of central eastern Asia
  • Asia, Southeast - Peninsular region in southeast Asia, formerly known as Indochina
  • Caucasus - Region of Asia between the Black and the Caspian seas
  • Indian subcontinent - Large region in southern Asia, subsumes the Indian tectonic plate
  • Malay Archipelago - Group of islands in southeast Asia, between the Indian and Pacific oceans
  • Middle East - The countries of southwestern Asia and, conventionally, Egypt


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"Asia is the largest and most populous region or continent depending on the definition. It is traditionally defined as part of the landmass of Africa-Eurasia lying east of the Suez Canal, east of the Ural Mountains, and south of the Caucasus Mountains and the Caspian and Black Seas. About 60% of the world's human population lives in Asia. ..."


While You Slept: Our Tragedy in Asia and Who Made It
    by John T. Flynn, 1951
Partial contents: The Red Deluge - China's Two Wars - Two Great Designs - Architects of Disaster - The Road to Korea Open - The Great Whitewash - The Pool of Poison - The Hatchet Men - Left Thunder on the Right - The Press and Pink Propaganda