Territory in Central America, ruled since 1949 by the República de Costa Rica


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"Costa Rica is a country in Central America, bordered by Nicaragua to the north, Panama to the southeast, the Pacific Ocean to the west, and the Caribbean Sea to the east. Costa Rica, which means 'Rich Coast', constitutionally abolished its army permanently in 1949. It is the only Latin American country included in the list of the world's 22 older democracies. Costa Rica has consistently been among the top Latin American countries in the Human Development Index (HDI), ranked 69th in the world in 2011. Also was cited by the UNDP in 2010 as one of the countries that have attained much higher human development than other countries at the same income levels, and in 2011 was highlighted by UNDP for being a good performer on environmental sustainability, and better record on human development and inequality than the median of their region. It was also the only country to meet all five criteria established to measure environmental sustainability. The country is ranked fifth in the world, and first among the Americas, in terms of the 2012 Environmental Performance Index. ..."

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Costa Rica | Freedom House, Freedom in the World 2016
2016: Status: Free, Aggregate Score: 90, Political Rights: 1, Civil Liberties: 1
"President Luis Guillermo Solís faced several challenges in 2015, which contributed to declining approval ratings amid legislative gridlock. Crime increased, with homicides reaching a new record high, and the economy continued to be hampered by a large national debt and increases in the cost of living. The country's fiscal deficit was expected to approach 7 percent of gross domestic product in 2016."
Human Freedom Index [PDF], The Human Freedom Index 2016
2014: 7.91, Rank: 38, Personal Freedom: 8.26, Economic Freedom: 7.56, Democracy Index: 7.61
Level of Economic Freedom, Economic Freedom of the World
2014: 7.56, Rank: 28


A Week in a (Sort of) Libertarian Country, Part 1, by Scott McPherson, Future of Freedom, Jun 2005
"You quickly get the feeling that anything can happen in San Jose. People were going everywhere. The shops were all open, and vendors were doing brisk trade all along the streets (and sometimes literally in the streets: sellers would walk right out into traffic when cars were stopped at traffic lights)."
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A Week in a (Sort of) Libertarian Country, Part 2, by Scott McPherson, Future of Freedom, Jul 2005
"The Republic of Costa Rica has no army. The country. ... with a population of around 4 million people (including 50,000 North American expatriates), is proudly neutral. Its constitution dates to 1949 ... By Latin American standards, Costa Rica is extremely stable and wealthy, with the average annual income around $9,000."
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