TV and film actor, played Detective Ed Brown on the TV series "Ironside"

TV Shows

General Hospital on
Aired since 1963 on ABC. Don played Dr. Buzz Stryker in 1985-1987.
Ironside on
Aired 1967-1975 on NBC. Don played Detective Sergeant Ed Brown.


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"Don Galloway (July 27, 1937 - January 8, 2009) was an American actor, perhaps best known for his role as Raymond Burr's protégé, Sgt. Ed Brown, on the long-running crime drama Ironside (1967 - 1975). He reprised the role for a made-for-TV "reunion" film in 1993. ..."

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27 Jul 1937, in Brooksville, Kentucky


8 Jan 2009, in Reno, Nevada

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