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Nicholas John Gillespie (born 7 August 1963) is an American libertarian journalist who was former editor-in-chief of Reason magazine from 2000 to 2008. He is currently a contributing editor of Reason.com and the editor-in-chief at Reason.tv. He has written articles or been a commentator for a variety of media outlets. Gillespie has edited one anthology, Choice: The Best of Reason, and co-authored one book, The Declaration of Independents.


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"Nick Gillespie is editor-in-chief of Reason magazine, arguably the most respected and influential publication in the libertarian movement. The magazine, which has a circulation of about 60,000, covers politics, civil liberties, and social issues from a libertarian perspective."

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Congress Strong-Arming Baseball? That's Foul, by Nick Gillespie, Matt Welch, The Washington Post, 20 Jan 2008
Discusses the latest congressional hearings on steroids
"First, Major League Baseball, along with other sports leagues and private-sector ventures, simply should not be required to submit their business plans -- much less blood and urine samples -- to Congress or any other government body. (The flip-side of this, of course, is that MLB and other sports leagues should not be allowed to extract extortionate contracts for stadiums and services from all-too-pliant state and local governments.)"
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Is Adam Smith the Father of Economics and Free-Market Capitalism? [Reason Podcast], by Nick Gillespie, Naomi Brockwell (moderator), Gene Epstein, Mark Skousen, 5 Jul 2017
Report, audio and transcript of the debate, held on 13 Jun 2017, on the resolution "Adam Smith should be honored as the founder of modern economics and free-enterprise capitalism" between Mark Skousen for the affirmative and Gene Epstein for the negative
"On June 13 at New York's Subculture Theater, The Soho Forum staged a debate ... FreedomFest impresario and economist Mark Skousen argued for the affirmative while Barron's books editor and Soho Forum co-founder Gene Epstein argued the negative. Naomi Brockwell moderated. The monthly Soho Forum runs Oxford-style debates, which means attendees are polled before and after the event and the winner is the debater who moves the most people in his or her direction. After an hour of racous back and forth, Epstein emerged as the winner. Reason is proud to co-sponsor the Soho Forum and to offer its debates as a podcast."
Rock and Roll Entrepreneur: Frank Zappa's true legacy., Reason, Apr 2005
"In 1990 Vaclav Havel feted him in the newly liberated Czechoslovakia as a hero of freedom ... he was from the beginning a sharp businessman who knew that ... running his own record labels and retaining control of his copyrights ... was central to his aesthetic and economic independence."
South Park Libertarians: Trey Parker and Matt Stone on liberals, conservatives, censorship, and religion., by Nick Gillespie, Jesse Walker, Reason, Dec 2006
Transcript of conversation with Trey Parker and Matt Stone, at Reason's Aug 2006 conference in Amsterdam
"... South Park, now finishing its first decade at Comedy Central, follows the misadventures of four grade-school boys in the mythical town of South Park, Colorado, a Brigadoon of small-town depravity, degradation, and good old American values. I suspect that South Park will prove every bit as long-lived in the American subconscious as Mark Twain's Hannibal, Missouri, or Laura Ingalls Wilder's prairie."
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Stand-Up Guy: Comedian Drew Carey on network censors, Hollywood guilt, and why he likes eating at Bob's Big Boy, by Drew Carey, Nick Gillespie, Steve Kurtz, Reason, Nov 1997
Topics range from Hollywood reactions to Carey's humor, his attitude toward government, the ABC network censor, Las Vegas, drug legalization and more
"Comedian Drew Carey has become a full-fledged media sensation ... Carey's appeal stems in large part from his Everyman status. ... In his sitcom, ... [he] is the consummate working stiff, besieged on all sides by an indifferent employer, hostile co-workers, aimless friends, and a strong sense of his own inadequacy and lack of success. From this potentially grim reality, Carey squeezes immense humor (and precious little sentimentality)."
Related Topic: Government
Tibor Machan, a Founding Editor of Reason, RIP, 25 Mar 2016
Memorial tribute, describing Machan's involvement with Reason through the years, includes two videos, one of Machan discussing Ayn Rand and another in a panel with his co-founders and a former editor
"I'm sad to write that Tibor R. Machan, who along with Robert W. 'Bob' Poole and Manny Klausner was one of the people who sustained and grew Reason magazine into the premier libertarian voice in public debates over politics, culture, and ideas, has died at the age of 77. ... Tibor spoke last year at Reason Weekend ... which happened to be taking place in Santa Barbara, so it was a reunion of sorts. ... He stressed that he and the other co-founders wanted a platform that would produce serious journalism, essays, interviews, policy pieces, and debates that would grow the audience for and influence of libertarian ideas and practices."
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Interviews (interviewer)

The Experimental Economist: Nobel laureate Vernon Smith takes markets places they've never been before, by Vernon L. Smith, Nick Gillespie, Michael W. Lynch, Reason, 9 Oct 2002
Topics discussed include law (discovered vs. formally made), experimental economics, electric power, demand-interrupt pricing, airport landing and takeoff slots, NASA missions, libertarianism and economics
"When Reason interviewed ... Vernon L. Smith back in May, one of the first questions we put to him was, 'You're always mentioned as a short-lister for the Nobel Prize in economics. What do you think of that?' The 75-year-old Smith ... responded with a hearty laugh. 'It's nice, but whenever I hear that, I always ask, "Do any of the people saying that have a vote on the selection committee?"' It turns out that they did. Today, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded Smith the Nobel 'for having established laboratory experiments as a tool in empirical economic analysis, especially in the study of alternative market mechanisms.'"

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