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Information on Gilmore v. Ashcroft, government demands for ID, CAPPS II, Travel Privacy, etc.
Gilmore v. Gonzales
John's suit against the U.S. Attorney General and various federal agencies that demand that citizens show an ID in order to travel

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FreeS/WAN: Securing the Internet against Wiretapping
John's project to attempt to secure Internet traffic against passive wiretapping, now forked into two other projects
John Gilmore - Libertarian
Advocates for Self-Government


Freedom of Speech in Software, 14 Oct 1998
Keynote speech at ApacheCon, explores areas where software is restricted, censored or otherwise controlled
"The whole creation of 'software patents' as a class of patentable items is an administrative fiction created by creative misreading of a 1981 Supreme Court decision ... Export controls on cryptographic software are the second case where the government has tried to control the publication of software."
Related Topic: Freedom of Speech


John Gilmore on inflight activism, spam and sarongs, by John Gilmore, Mikael Pawlo, GrepLaw, 18 Aug 2004
Topics discussed include: terrorism, the drug war, encryption, censorship, spam, the end-to-end principle, the right to travel, anonymity, secret FAA/TSA rules, blogs, copy protection, free software and the EFF
"I'm a civil libertarian millionaire eccentric. I started out in my teens as a middle-class programmer, worked my way up to senior technical jobs, then learned business in Silicon Valley. A combination of luck and skill brought me through several successful startup companies and gave me the opportunity to decide what I want to do, rather than what I need to do. I decided I want to work to keep individual freedom alive and thriving. So that's what I'm doing."