20th century German economist


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"Wilhelm Röpke (October 10, 1899 in Schwarmstedt, a village near Hannover, February 12, 1966 in Geneva) was one of the most important spiritual fathers of the German social market economy. ..."


10 Oct 1899, in Schwarmstedt, Hannover, Germany


12 Feb 1966, in Geneva, Switzerland


President, 1961-62, Mont Pelerin Society


The Mont Pelerin Society's 50th Anniversary: The Society Helps Keep Alight the Lamp of Classical Liberalism, by Greg Kaza, The Freeman, Jun 1997
Historical and anecdotal essay about the founding of the Mont Pelerin Society and its first meeting
"Another participant, Wilhelm Ropke, helped persuade Eucken's pupil Ludwig Erhard, then economics minister in West Germany's provisional government, to abolish price controls, and so make possible the famous German economic miracle of the postwar era. Erhard lifted regulatory controls over a weekend, only to be threatened with jail by the Allied military authorities."