Co-founder of Cygnus Solutions; Vice President, Open Source Affairs for Red Hat Inc.


The GNU General Public License, by Sam Williams, Free as in Freedom: Richard Stallman's Crusade for Free Software, Mar 2002
"One of the first entrepreneurs to grasp this concept was Michael Tiemann, a software programmer and graduate student at Stanford University. ... Rather than compete with Stallman, Tiemann decided to build on top of his work ... this is a level of efficiency that the free market should be ready to reward"


Future of Cygnus Solutions: An Entrepreneur's Account, Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution, Jan 1999
"... it was freedom that provided the underlying architecture and vision of the Constitution of the American government, and freedom again that seems to be at the root of every important cause or action in today's global economic and political arena. What makes freedom so compelling? And what has made freedom so responsible for economic prosperity?"
Michael Tiemann's Presentation, 26 Jul 2001
At the 2001 San Diego O'Reilly Open Source Conference, on the idea of 'shared source' from Microsoft
"a better ... architecture for computing, one that empowers individuals, promotes free and equal competition, and enables freedom at higher levels so that others can build applications with confidence ..."


An Interview with Red Hat's Michael Tiemann, by Michael Tiemann, Dan Wilder, Linux Journal, 1 Nov 2000
Tiemann steers course for open source, by Michael Tiemann, Stephen Shankland, 4 Dec 2002