Days exempt from work, usually to commemorate some event
  • Thanksgiving - Holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November (U.S.)


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"The word holiday has related but different meanings in English-speaking countries. Based on the words holy and day -, holidays originally represented special religious days. The word has evolved in general usage to mean any special day. ... In Canada and the United States, a Holiday is a day set aside by a nation or culture (in some cases, multiple nations and cultures) typically for celebration but sometimes for some other kind of special culture-wide (or national) observation or activity. A holiday can also be a special day on which school and/or offices are closed, such as Labor Day. ..."


Why Are We Afraid To Be Free?, by Butler Shaffer, 27 Nov 2001
Examines the question of how to bring about freedom in individuals' lives, discussing how government influences people to be in conflicted states and how one must look within oneself and act accordingly to begin to be "free"
"Since most of our holidays have long been co-opted by the state in furtherance of its interests – even Independence Day has been turned into a celebration of state militarism! – our minds are subjected to a steady iteration of how those who have fought in wars were 'fighting for our freedom.' But is this true? Those who have been conscripted to fight on behalf of the state were not able to defend their own freedom: how can they be said to defend the freedoms of the rest of us?"