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Hillsdale College

Hillsdale College is a private, conservative Christian college in Hillsdale, Michigan, United States. According to its website, its liberal arts curriculum is based on the Western heritage as a product of both the Greco-Roman culture and the Judeo-Christian tradition. Hillsdale requires every student, regardless of major, to complete a core curriculum that includes courses on the Great Books and the U.S. Constitution. The college declines to accept federal financial support, but depends heavily on donations from major donors.

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Hillsdale College


Hillsdale, Michigan


Richard EbelingLudwig von Mises Professor of Economics


A Call to Activism, by Margit von Mises, The Free Market, Jun 1984
Speech delivered 27 Feb 1984 at a Mises Institute dinner in her honor; calling her late husband an "activist of the mind" and encouraging others to become likewise
"Out of [the Foundation for Economic Education] came great men like ... George Roche, who is now president of Hillsdale College, which shelters the Ludwig von Mises Library, and who heads his own Shavano Institute in Colorado, never asking for help from the government."

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