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Teaches and advocates free market economic theory
Grove City College

Grove City College (GCC) is a Christian conservative liberal arts college in Grove City, Pennsylvania. The school emphasizes a humanities core curriculum, which endorses the Judeo-Christian Western tradition and the free market. Though loosely associated with the Presbyterian Church, the college is non-denominational. Students are not required to sign a statement of faith, but are required to attend sixteen chapel services per semester.


Grove City, Pennsylvania


Hans SennholzProfessor of Economics, Chairman of Economics Department, 1956-1992


Peter BoettkeBachelor of Arts (economics), 1983
Alejandro ChafuenGraduate, 1984; Board of Trustees
Lawrence ReedBachelor of Arts (economics), 1975

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"Highly ranked" and "nationally recognized." You'll run across such accolades often as you explore what we have to offer. And for good reason—Grove City College is routinely ranked as one of the country's top colleges by U.S. News & World Report and The Princeton Review, to name a few.


A Call to Activism, by Margit von Mises, The Free Market, Jun 1984
Speech delivered on 27 Feb 1984 at a Mises Institute dinner in her honor; relates how she wrote My Years With Ludwig von Mises, then calling her late husband an "activist of the mind" and encouraging others to become likewise
[Mises] stimulated the interest, and then the understanding of all the people he met. And he did even more. He stimulated them to action ... Think of Dr. Hans Sennholz, who is chairman of the economics department at Grove City College, a great traveler and lecturer who educates one student after another in Mises' ideas.
How I Became a Liberal, by Alejandro Chafuen, 19 Dec 2003
Part of Walter Block's autobiography series; Chafuen recalls his grandparents and parents, his youth in Argentina, and the people in Argentina and the United States who influenced him
During that time I had become the first president of the Youth Libertarian Circles. I recall that the number of young liberals in the country could be counted with both hands, and with fingers to spare. I was able to recommend that all of them be given the same scholarship that I received, thanks to Hans Sennholz via Benegas Lynch, to study at Grove City College in Pennsylvania. That story deserves an entire book and I will not tell it here. I, as well as other young Argentines, returned from Grove City to teach at the best Argentine universities.

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