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Best selling author (Winning Through Intimidation, Looking Out for #1)

Robert J. Ringer (born 1938) is an American entrepreneur, motivational and political speaker and author of several best-selling personal-development and political books.


Robert Ringer - The Advocates
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1938, Robert J. Ringer, in United States


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Robert J. Ringer - Hero of the Day, The Daily Objectivist, 2000
It was the early 1970s. A dealmaker named Robert Ringer had written a self-help book no one would publish—the theory of how not to be intimidated by the likes of lawyers (a.k.a. Legal Boys), mothers-in-law, do-gooders, and sundry other manipulative graduates of 'Screw U'—entitled Winning Through Intimidation. ... Ringer followed up with a broader essay on the virtue of selfishness, Looking Out for Number One. ... Next came a political work, Restoring the American Dream. While it too climbed the bestseller lists, it did not reverse the country's political direction quite as quickly as Ringer had hoped.
Robert Ringer - The Advocates for Self-Government
Includes photo, biographical profile and quote
Robert Ringer is a best-selling author of motivational books and an acclaimed public speaker. However, he is probably best known in the libertarian movement for his classic book, Restoring the American Dream. ... To this day, Ringer remains an outspoken advocate of liberty. On his Web site, he proclaims that 'everyone has an equal and absolute right to sovereignty over his own body, his own property, and his own life, and to pursue his own happiness in any way that he chooses. The only right that an individual does not naturally possess is the right to violate someone else's liberty.'


An Interview with Robert J. Ringer, by Robert Ringer, David M. Brown, Oct 2004
Topics discussed include reactions from readers, questions about Action! and Winning Through Intimidation, how he became a writer, his venture in New Zealand, religion and his next book
Why do people buy your books?
All I can do is go by what readers say in their letters to me, and what comes through most often is that they simply like what I have to say and how I say it. It's not all that complicated. Interestingly, publishers don't understand this. Most of them have absolutely no interest in the quality of the writing. ... Years ago I remember presenting an outline to a publisher, and his response was that 'there are already a lot of books published on that subject.' He just couldn't comprehend that what separates books on the same subject is the writing.

Books Authored

Action!: Nothing Happens Until Something Moves, 2004
Contents: The Action Phenomenon - Truth-Based Action - Value-Oriented Action - Virtue-Based Action - People Taxes and Action - Freedom and Action - Self-Disciplined Action - Adversity and Action - The Endgame of Action: Happiness
Related Topic: Achievement
Looking Out for #1, 1977
Contents: Looking Out for Number One - The Reality Hurdle - The Intimidation Hurdle - The Crusade Hurdle - The Financial Hurdle - The People Hurdle - The Friendship Hurdle - The Love Hurdle - The Starting Line
Related Topic: Self-Esteem
Million Dollar Habits, 1990
Contents: The Reality Habit - The Attitude Habit - The Perspective Habit - The Present Living Habit - The Morality Habit - The Human Relations Habit - The Simplicity Habit - The Drain People Elimination Habit - The Self-Discipline Habit - The Action Habit
Related Topic: Achievement
To Be or Not to Be Intimidated?: That Is the Question, 2002
Rewritten and retitled edition of Winning Through Intimidation (later [2013] editions, restored the original title)
Winning Through Intimidation, 1973
Partial contents: Shattering the Myths - Replacing the Myths - My Three Unforgettable Professors at Screw U. - Using Posture Power to Get the Ball - Advancing the Ball to Midfield - Scoring -The Return of The Tortoise - Answer: Not to be Intimidated
Related Topic: Achievement

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