Professor emeritus of International Relations at Georgetown University

Earl Cedric Ravenal (born 1931) is an American foreign policy analyst, academic and writer. He is a former distinguished senior fellow in foreign policy studies at the Cato Institute and professor emeritus of the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service.


29 Mar 1931, Earl Cedric Ravenal, in New York


31 Aug 2019, in Trappe, Maryland


Cato Institute


Cato Institute, Senior fellow


Murray, the LP, and Me, by David Bergland, 25 Dec 2002
Lengthy autobiographical essay, focusing on Rothbard, libertarianism and the LP; part of Walter Block's Autobiography Archive
"It was the last hurrah of the Cato group (Murray's Craniacs) in the LP. Their candidate, Georgetown professor Earl Ravenal, was viewed as a moderate with good inside the Beltway connections. ... One significant factor in the outcome was Murray's research on Ravenal (who truly was a gentleman and a scholar) which disclosed his membership in the Council on Foreign Relations, among other things. Ravenal's history did not sit well with many of our more right-wing conspiracy theorist delegates. (Yeah, the LP has some of those.) After Ravenal lost the nomination, the Craniacs left in a huff."
The 1977 Libertarian Party National Convention, by Tom Avery, Tom G. Palmer, Libertarian Review, Oct 1977
Recounts the main events of the convention, highlighting several of the speakers and their messages
"The first of three convention breakfast talks was given on Friday morning by foreign policy expert and advocate of reduced military commitments, Dr. Earl C. Ravenal. A former Defense Department analyst, Dr. Ravenal is currently professor of American Foreign Policy a+ the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, a fellow of the Institute for Policy Studies, and a recently-elected member of the Board of Directors of the CATO Institute. ... Ravenal spoke on 'Carter’s Foreign Policy,' and examined certain aspects of the relationship between foreign policy and domestic policy, particularly the relationship between liberty and 'national security.'"
This Is The Movement You Have Chosen [PDF], by Murray Rothbard, The Libertarian Forum, Apr 1984
Notes from the Libertarian Party 1983 presidential convention and goings-on in the Ed Crane camp
"Earl Ravenal, he went on, was backed by 'the party's pragmatic wing.' ... Ravenal talked of making the LP 'relevant' to the 'broad sweep of the American people.' ... Philip Lentz, in the Chicago Tribune (Sept. 6, 1983) ... noted, that Ravenal 'once wrote in a magazine article that there were circumstances where the draft might be necessary.'"
Total Victory: How Sweet It Is!, by Murray Rothbard, The Libertarian Forum, 1983
Lengthy account and commentary on the 1983 Libertarian Party presidential convention
"Earl Ravenal, professor of international relations at Georgetown University, entered shortly after Bergland as the Crane Machine candidate. ... Bill Evers and I were two of the very few who knew Ravenal, from our days at the Cato Institute, where he has served for many years as a Board member. ... That first instinctive reaction of each of us was: 'But he's not a libertarian!' A libsymp (libertarian sympathizer) for sure ... But a hardcore principled libertarian? Certainly not."


The Case for Strategic Disengagement, The Libertarian Reader, 1973

Books Authored

Designing Defense for a New World Order: The Military Budget in 1992 and Beyond, Sep 1991

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