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Justin Raimondo

Justin Raimondo (born Dennis Raimondo; 18 November 1951) is an American author and the editorial director of Antiwar.com. He describes himself as a "conservative-paleo-libertarian".


18 Nov 1951, Dennis Raimondo, in New York


27 Jun 2019, in Sebastopol, California


Enemy of the State, by Lew Rockwell, Mises Daily, 24 Nov 2006
Review of Raimondo's biography of Rothbard, An Enemy of the State, analyzing several of the conventional critiques of Rothbard that are countered in the book; includes quote of Rothbard to Robert Kephart about the Rothbard's life choices
"The author himself was a player in many of Rothbard's post-1970 ideological struggles ... Further, he points out that Rothbard 'chided Buchanan for being a classic case of the old adage that some people (especially politicians) often concentrate on those issues in which they have the least expertise; in Buchanan's case, this is undoubtedly the realm of economics.' Special credit goes to Raimondo for pointing this out, since he is personally far more favorable to Buchanan than Rothbard was from 1992 forward."
Total Victory: How Sweet It Is!, by Murray Rothbard, The Libertarian Forum, 1983
Lengthy account and commentary on the 1983 Libertarian Party presidential convention
"The Radical Caucus was founded in early 1979 by Justin Raimondo (San Francisco) to back radical hard-core principle in the LP, the main activity of the RC being the organizing of members of the LP and the publishing of the periodical Libertarian Vanguard."


A Movement is Born, An Enemy of the State, 2000
From Chapter 4, "Beyond Left and Right"
"By the spring of 1969, ... the Radical Libertarian Alliance (RLA) was constituted on May 17 ... the leadership of the RLA, consisting of budding young Rothbardian scholars such as Walter Block, Roy A. Childs Jr., Wilson A. Clark Jr., and John Hagel III, was far more interested in attending seminars on Austrian economics than in learning how to make bombs. What the RLA had to offer the youth of America was intellectually, but not literally, explosive."
Arianna Huffington, Racial Profiler: She jumps on the Dubai-bashing bandwagon, 24 Feb 2006
"With a per capita income of over $20,000, and corporate offices of Ford, Johnson & Johnson, MSD, FedEx, ExxonMobil, CMS Energy, Microsoft ... ensconced in its gleaming ultra-modern skyscrapers, Dubai is the logistical hub of just about every sort of human activity in that part of the globe. It is the Manhattan of the Arab world ..."
Related Topic: Dubai
Bill Evers Goes Neocon, 15 Jan 2004
"It's funny, but Bill Evers used to be one of those libertarians who went around giving everyone else a purity test, and he often found them wanting. Back in the good old days, he used to write a column for Libertarian Vanguard, the newspaper of the Radical Caucus, ... in which he handed out kudos and judo chops to those that, in his view, deserved them."
Related Topic: Williamson Evers
Blueprint for Dictatorship: Recent legislation sets us up for tyranny, 30 Apr 2007
Describes how the Defense Authorization Act, the Military Commissions Act and changes to the Insurrection Act could be used to impose martial law in the United States
"This use of the military to enforce domestic order is a new development in American history, one that augurs a turning point not only in terms of law, but also in our evolving political culture. Such a measure would once have provoked an outcry – on both sides of the aisle. When the measure passed, there was hardly a ripple of protest ..."
Bush's Wartime Dictatorship, 21 Dec 2005
Examines Bush's claims regarding secret surveillance, the militarism and fascism underlying his regime and the lack of an effecive opposition
"In defending his edict authorizing surveillance of phone calls and e-mails originating in the United States, President Bush reiterated legal arguments, long made by his intellectual Praetorians, that imbue the White House with wartime powers no different from those exercised by a Roman emperor. ... These Weimar Democrats are gutless wonders, fully complicit in the regime's assault on our liberties and the constitutional order. To anyone looking to the Democratic Party as the locus of an effective opposition to red-state fascism, I would strongly suggest that they are setting themselves up for a severe disappointment ..."
Christmas in Malaysia: It's not what you might imagine, 23 Dec 2005
"Malaysia is the virtual incarnation of religious and ethnic diversity, a veritable melting pot of racial and devotional groups ... Here is an 'Islamic' country where a gigantic Christmas tree sits in the lobby of the hotel I'm staying at ... Modernity is juxtaposed next to traditionalism ..."
Related Topic: Malaysia
Confronting the Empire: It's time ..., 5 Jan 2007
"Culturally, Washington, D.C. has been thoroughly corrupted by the virus of imperialism: these guys (and gals) like the idea of running an empire. Dazzled by their own importance in the scheme of things, and hypnotized by their own hubris, the denizens of the Imperial City disdain any suggestion that we might return to our humble republican roots."
Related Topics: Imperialism, Washington, D.C.
Democracy: The God That Failed: In Iraq, Ukraine, and Kyrgyzstan, 12 Oct 2005
"Democracy is the god that failed to accomplish its ostensible goals everywhere the U.S. has intervened — but the real objective of our 'liberationist' foreign policy is well on the way to being achieved. ... the would-be exporters of 'democracy' have merely succeeded in creating more and bigger trouble, wherever their democratist dogma has been applied."
Related Topics: Democracy, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine
Election 2006: A War Referendum: It's all about Iraq, 16 Oct 2006
"The great advantage of the Jeffersonian Democrat project, however, more than outweighs the negatives. The Democratic Party is out of ideas: ideologically, their leaders and 'theoreticians' are remarkably barren. ... These people need to be educated, and, what's more, many of them are educating themselves: Moulitsas' essay proves that. ... All hail the Jeffersonian Democrats — and let the Democratic reformation begin!"
Related Topic: Democratic Party
Garet Garrett: Exemplar of the Old Right, The American Enterprise
Review of Garrett's The American Story (1955)
"Was there ever a prose stylist on the Right as elegantly idiosyncratic as Garet Garrett? 'We have crossed the boundary that lies between Republic and Empire,' he warned in a 1952 polemic, his voice husky with tragedy. ... Garrett's warning to Americans rings down through the years, mocking the confident builders of a New World Order: '... To thine own self a liberator, to the world an alarming portent, do you know where you are going from here?' Garrett knew, but few listened, and The American Story sank without a trace, a lost classic of conservative thought waiting to be rediscovered."
Gore Channels Taft: It was a great speech, 18 Jan 2006
"Has Al Gore become a conservative? His recent speech to the Liberty Coalition ... sounded as if it had been written by some disgruntled paleoconservative. ... his openly anti-interventionist critique of our foreign policy of preemptive aggression, one might have imagined he had suddenly started channeling Robert A. Taft."
Hating Arabs: Arab-haters target Dubai port company, 22 Feb 2006
"Dubai is a city of over one million, a major financial and industrial center, and an increasingly popular international tourist attraction. ... Culturally, Dubai is the freest country in the Arab world. ... Dubai is the major financial nexus of the Arab world ... The architecture of Dubai is a vision of futurity ..."
Related Topic: Dubai
Hell-Bent on War, 14 Feb 2007
Discusses propaganda and other efforts by the George W. Bush administration and neoconservatives to launch military action against Iran, and relevant commentary from a professor of international relations as well as Russian President Putin
"As incredibly crazy as it sounds, this administration is intent on starting yet another war in the Middle East – this time against a far larger, more formidable enemy, one that has the power to strike back on an international scale. ... In a sane world, the economic consequences alone would be a sufficient deterrent to even considering war with Iran."
Related Topics: Imperialism, Iran, War
How Did We Get Here?: You have the "mainstream" media to thank for the Iraqi quagmire, 24 Oct 2007
Recapitulates the actions of various media in making the case for the Iraqi invasion and supporting its continuation
"It was Rose, after all, whose four-page spread ... made the most extreme claims about the imminent danger posed by Saddam: the Iraqis were feverishly working on a long-range missile project, which was perilously close to becoming operational. ... When none of this turned up in the aftermath of the invasion, did the editors of Vanity Fair cry 'mea culpa'?"
Related Topic: Iraq War (2003)
Iraq: The Hidden Horror: 650,000 Iraqis dead - now that's 'liberation'!, 13 Oct 2006
"... even if the figure of 650,000 is off by half, the vastness of U.S. war crimes in Iraq is quite a shocker. ... The Iraqi government derides the Johns Hopkins numbers, as well they might: either that, or they'd have to admit they were installed into power by a pack of mass murderers. And that would be far too close to the truth."
Related Topic: Iraq
John Fund vs. the Truth: He lies about Juan Cole - and much else, 26 Apr 2006
"Back in the late 1970s, ... Fund was active in the Libertarian Party, ... announcing his decision to run for a school board seat in Sacramento, Calif. ... Fund had taken out papers — but had never actually turned them in. ... Confronted with his lie, Fund tearfully confessed to fabricating the entire story ... it was somebody else's campaign."
Lebanon, Again: The Israelis want another go, 9 Feb 2007
"The appearance of Michel Aoun and Hassan Nasrallah on the same stage, rallying the people against the U.S.-backed government of Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora is a veritable replay of the famous Cedar Revolution, when a mass movement from below ousted the pro-Syrian government."
Related Topics: Iran, Lebanon
Libertarianism and the Great Divide, 16 Mar 2007
Review of Brian Doherty's Radicals for Capitalism
"Most interestingly, Radicals for Capitalism chronicles the forgotten organizational history of the libertarian movement, the early institutional pillars of what was to become a widely-known addition to the American political lexicon. ... The libertarian insight expressed so succinctly by Randolph Bourne – 'War is the health of the State' – has never been more relevant ..."
Libertarianism and the War, 2 Apr 2007
Criticises a Cato Unbound sympsium titled "Libertarianism: Past and Prospects" with contributed essays from Brian Doherty, Brink Lindsey, Tyler Cowen, Tom G. Palmer and Virginia Postrel
"... libertarianism, i.e., the philosophy that government is invariably a malevolent force in human history, is anti-imperialism. Opposition to war lies at the very core of the libertarian argument. ... Libertarianism has a long and glorious tradition, not the least of which is the principled anti-imperialist legacy of Leonard Read, Frank Chodorov, Murray Rothbard, and a long list of others."
North Korea's Nukes: Why Now?, 11 Oct 2006
"When longtime 'Glorious Leader' Kim Il-Sung died, there was, at first, some question as to who would succeed him: the father had made his intention clear that his son was to take the helm, but this was by no means foreordained - there was competition for the job, coming from the military and the various factions within the Workers Party of Korea, the one-party dictatorship that has ruled North Korea since the end of World War II."
Related Topics: North Korea, South Korea
Our Terrorism, and Theirs: Liberal apologetics for American atrocities, 5 Jun 2006
"... all meaningful moral and legal restrictions on American behavior were swept aside with the illegal and immoral invasion and occupation of a country that had never attacked the United States, and represented no threat to us. Having embarked on a war of aggression, it wasn't too long before we began to slide down the slippery slope ..."
Rationalizing Haditha: The War Party's 'moderates' minimize it - and the crazier neocons deny it, 7 Jun 2006
"The Haditha massacre is not the result of individual failings, or of a 'renegade' squadron that somehow shucked its training and went berserk. It is the inevitable consequence of a policy that cannot be implemented without inflicting massive casualties on the enemy ... in a country where the overwhelming majority want the occupation to end."
Road to Empire: An illegal treaty with Iraq seals our fate, 28 Nov 2007
Discusses the "Declaration of Principles for a Long-Term Relationship of Cooperation and Friendship Between the Republic of Iraq and the United States of America"
"The British routinely point to their imperial past as a source of pride, as do American Anglophiles. The French, the Spanish, and the Italians all revel in the supposed glory of their past conquests: it's only the Americans who disdain the very idea of having an empire, and, indeed, instinctively sense something profoundly un-American about the whole concept of Washington, D.C., as the capital of a global imperium. That's what ordinary Americans think, at any rate ..."
Related Topics: Imperialism, Iraq
Ron Paul's Goldwater Moment, 11 May 2007
Critiques Washington-centric "conventional wisdom" about Ron Paul's presidential candidacy
"Portraits of Congressman Ron Paul ... invariably descend into cliché – he is 'Dr. No,' he’s against subsidies even for his own district, he's a libertarian Don Quixote – but, then again, clichés are what the conventional wisdom is made of, and so we are told Rep. Paul's run for the White House is a fool's errand. He's a 'fringe' candidate, he has 'no chance,' he's just doing this to annoy the folks over at 'The Corner' – this is what the mostly Washington-based cognoscenti of political punditry are telling us. ... if Republicans can't win the White House this time around, perhaps they'll be content with winning back their own souls."
Ron Versus the Huckster, 7 Sep 2007
Analyzes Ron Paul's response to Chris Wallace's questions on the Iraq invasion and Paul's exchange with Gov. Huckabee, at the 5 Sep 2007 Republican presidential debate
"We know that Ron Paul did great in the Republican presidential debate sponsored by Fox News and held in Durham, New Hampshire, because how else can we explain neocon Andy McCarthy's exclamation of despair over at the National Review group blog? 'Why,' he cried out in anguish, 'is there so much cheering for Ron Paul?' ... It was the neocons who wanted this war, who planned it, who agitated for it, and who finally got their heart’s desire when the bombs began to fall on Baghdad. It is their honor that is at stake – and, as we all know, the honor of those who never had any to begin with cannot be compromised."
Somalia: US Foreign Policy and Gangsterism: Why the US supports the warlords, 29 Dec 2006
"... in the new millennium, we have tossed aside humanitarian concerns in favor of the ruthless pursuit of 'terrorists,' real or imagined. The former 'warlords' hunted by U.S. troops and blamed for Somalia's shocking degeneration into pure chaos are now aided and abetted by the Americans and their Ethiopian cohorts."
Related Topics: Ethiopia, Somalia
The Coming War With Iran: Is it inevitable?, 26 Mar 2007
"The timing of the recent incident in which 15 British sailors were arrested by Iran at the mouth of the Shatt al-Arab waterway for purportedly entering Iranian waters couldn't have been more provocative if it had been planned that way. ... Add it all up, and there seems little doubt as to who carried out what seems like a brazen provocation."
Related Topic: Iran
The GOP Purge: The War Party can't win the war in Iraq, so they're taking it out on the GOP, 22 Oct 2007
Describes efforts by some Republican partisans to unseat GOP incumbents who oppose the Iraq invasion, such as Walter B. Jones of North Carolina
"The Club purports to be for 'limited government' and 'economic freedom,' ... I've even heard the Club described as 'libertarian' – but this use of its resources as a battering ram against the real libertarian Republicans, such as Walter Jones, shows what these guys are really up to, which is to serve as the neocons' water boys."
The GOP, RIP: They're on the way out — and good riddance, 8 Sep 2006
"For a good 75 years, the Republican Party has been the party of conservatism, the anointed vehicle for the hopes and dreams of those who believe in limited government and seek to preserve the legacy of the Founding Fathers. No more. It hasn't been true for quite a while, but at least the Republicans were rhetorically committed to conservative principles right up until the second Bush presidency."
Related Topics: Militarism, Republican Party
The Iraq War Crash: Stock market takes a dive - along with the prospects for peace in the Middle East, 2 Mar 2007
Discusses a 9% drop in the Shanghai Stock Exchange on 27 Feb 2007, which also affected other markets, in the context of the Iraq War and potential conflict with Iran
"According to the estimates of economic experts, the Iraq war drained off one trillion dollars from the U.S. stock market before the first shot was fired. After the war was 'won,' however, the real costs began to kick in, which economists Linda Bilmes and Joseph Stiglitz estimate at another trillion bucks (in direct costs), and possibly two trillion when all the other variables are factored in."
The Meaning of Haditha: Murderous depravity and empire-building go hand-in-hand, 2 Jun 2006
"We are not talking about National Guard units, here: these are U.S. Marines, highly-trained killing machines who know the rules of war, know the difference between a woman with a baby in her arms and a group of insurgents, and know, furthermore, that the war they are fighting is supposed to be against terrorism."
The Mugging of Murtha: Congressional Democrats betray the antiwar movement, 17 Nov 2006
"... nothing would be better if we could hand the job over to the newly installed Democratic Congress and relax as they extricate us from the Iraqi quagmire. Yet that clearly is not happening: instead, the Democrats, content with purely symbolic measures, are abstaining when it comes to Iraq ..."
Related Topics: Democratic Party, Politicians
The Real 'Existential Threat': War with Iran augurs a global conflict, 30 Mar 2007
Comments on media coverage of the Iranian seizure of British Royal Navy personnel in the Persian Gulf and subsequent political maneuvering
"It doesn't seem possible that we are being pushed into a bigger and far more destructive conflict, and yet it is all happening rather quickly. The coming war with Iran will not end until the entire region is aflame – with the fire spreading to three continents, and beyond. Is this the price the world is willing to pay to put an end to the 'existential threat' to Israel? Or will our rulers pause, before plunging into an abyss, to ask: what about the existential threat to the rest of the world?"
Related Topics: Democratic Party, Iran, War
The Secret of Pearl Harbor: FDR's Role Exposed – in 1944, 25 May 2001
Introduction to a republishing of Flynn's 1945 pamphlet "The Final Secret of Pearl Harbor", coincident with the release of the film Pearl Harbor
"The smoke barely had time to clear before a dark cloud of intrigue and suspicion formed around the circumstances leading up to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. When the shock had worn off, questions began to be asked, at least by the most sober and realistic Americans: why had the US military been taken by surprise, and who, the Congress and the public wanted to know, was responsible? ... Flynn's trenchant pamphlet was prescient in its conclusion that FDR had to have known a good deal about the Japanese plans. Aside from his prescience, however, [he] was brave beyond measure ..."
The Urge to 'Surge': It has to be resisted, 15 Dec 2006
"We are learning just how costly imperial ambitions can be: empires, after all, don't come cheap. And then there are the nonmaterial costs: the corruption of politics and of the spirit. ... the political dynamics here in America give life to the empire-building impulse, in spite of the growing national distaste for foreign wars."
Related Topic: Imperialism
'What Kind of Democracy Is This?': A grieving father wants to know, 23 May 2007
Examines questions about American democracy and militarism posed by professor Andrew J. Bacevich after the death of his son in combat in Iraq
"This is the kind of democracy ... that can have both parties calling for an increase in the size of the U.S. military at a moment when the people are sick and tired of war ... The kind that has all 'major' candidates for the White House ... pledging to prosecute the war in Iraq more efficiently and successfully than Bush."
Related Topics: Democracy, Militarism
Who Lost Iraq?: Neocons run for cover, 13 Nov 2006
"The U.S. occupation is being defeated by objective circumstances, i.e., the near-complete absence of support from the Iraqi people, and not by the exigencies of American politics. ... I contend that these results were eminently foreseeable, that in fact they were foreseen by the very policymakers who urged us on to war."
Related Topic: Iraq War (2003)
Why We Fight: Go see the movie, 1 Feb 2006
"One of the best features ... is that it gives the viewer a sense of historical perspective ... in a visually dramatic manner. ... The question 'What are we fighting for?' is asked throughout ... and the answer, by the end, is all too horrifically apparent, but on the way there we are treated to an entire panoply of American opinion."


Justin Raimondo Interview, by Justin Raimondo, Scott Horton, The Weekend Interview Show with Scott Horton
Three audio interviews: 30 Apr 2005, 6 Jun 2005 and 20 Oct 2005

Books Authored

An Enemy of the State: The Life of Murray N. Rothbard, 2000
Partial table of contents: The Young Rothbard - The Old Right's Last Stand - Three Encounters: Mises, Buckley, and Rand - Beyond Left and Right - 1700 Montgomery Street - A New Beginning - The Capstone - The Legacy
Related Topic: Murray Rothbard

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