Co-founder and CEO of Cypress Semiconductor Corp.
T. J. Rodgers

Thurman John "T. J." Rodgers (born 15 March 1948) is an American scientist and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Cypress Semiconductor and holds patents ranging from semiconductors to energy to winemaking. Rodgers is known for his public relations acumen, brash personality and strong advocacy of laissez-faire capitalism. He stepped down as Cypress CEO in April 2016 and Director in August 2016 after serving for 34 years.

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T.J. Rodgers - Libertarian
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Party makes bid for Silicon Valley support, Libertarian Party News, Jan 1999
Describes the visit by LP leaders and other libertarians to a Cato Institute conference in Silicon Valley
"Libertarian Party leaders ... attended 'Washington, DC vs. Silicon Valley: The Annual Cato Institute/Forbes ASAP Conference on Technology & Society,' which was held in San Jose, California, November 19-21. The conference attracted a flock of high-tech executives, research professionals, politicians, and authors -- including T. J. Rodgers (president and CEO of Cypress Semiconductor) ..."
T. J. Rodgers - Hero of the Day, The Daily Objectivist, 2000

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