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Investment author, editor of the Silver & Gold Report


Big News! Lib. Forum Reorganized!, by Murray N. Rothbard, The Libertarian Forum, Jan 1982
Editorial for special Aug 1981-Jan 1982 issue, announcing a rededication to internal education, regularization of publishing schedule, a new publisher and a rate increase
[W]e are delighted to announce that we have secured the services of a real, honest-to-God professional publisher ... He is my old friend Daniel Rosenthal, who was one of the first and leading student libertarian activists in the nation, and then became a notably successful businessman. While at Berkeley, Rosenthal was the leader of the Students for Goldwater in the 1964 campaign, and of its successor group, the Cal Conservatives for Political Action, as well as the libertarian Moïse Tshombe chapter of YAF and the Alliance of Libertarian Activists at Berkeley ... [He] left Berkeley in 1967, to launch his business career.
Il Movimento Libertario Americano dagli Anni Sessanta ad Oggi: Radici storico-dottrinali e discriminanti ideologico- politiche [PDF], by Paolo Zanotto, May 2001
The American Libertarian Movement from the '60s to Today, in Italian
Daniel Rosenthal, Sharon Presley, Tom McGivern ed altri ruppero con la Youth for Goldwater Campaign per formare la Alliance of Libertarian Activists, che si venne a configurare come la prima organizzazione esplicita di attivisti libertari alla fine del 1964 alla University of California di Berkeley.
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Books Authored

Insider's Guide to Buying Silver & Gold: How Gold Dealers Lie, Cheat, and Rip You Off--All within the Letter of the Law, 1988
The Silver & Gold Investor's Profit Guide: Where to Get the Best Prices on the Best Silver & Gold Investments
    by Ellen Young, Daniel M. Rosenthal, Jun 1986