President of the Foundation for Economic Education, President Emeritus of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy


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"Lawrence W. (Larry) Reed is president of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, a Midland, Michigan-based research and educational institute. The Center's mission is to equip Michigan citizens and other decision-makers to better evaluate Michigan public policy options and to do so from a free market perspective. ..."


President, 2008-, Foundation for Economic Education
President, 1988-2008, Mackinac Center for Public Policy
Board of Advisors, Students for Liberty


A Tribute to the Polish People, The Freeman, Oct 2009
Larry reminisces about a visit with the Polish underground movement in 1986
"The history of Poland from the imposition of martial law and the crushing of Solidarity in December 1981 to the glorious elections of 1989 is not the saga of a pessimistic, defeatist, or compliant people. Rather, it is a remarkable testament to the human will to be free."
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Child Labor and the British Industrial Revolution, Part 1, Future of Freedom, Sep 1999
Contrasts the situation of "free labour" and "parish apprentice" children during the British Industrial Revolution, the latter being mostly orphans placed in the custody of parish, i.e., government, authorities
"The Hammonds divided the factory children into two classes: 'Parish apprentice children' and 'free labour children.' ... Private factory owners could not forcibly subjugate 'free labour' children; they could not compel them to work in conditions their parents found unacceptable. ... The situation, however, was much different for 'parish apprentice' children, and close examination reveals that it was these children on whom the critics were focusing when they spoke of the 'evils' of capitalism's Industrial Revolution."
Prohibition Hasn't Ended Yet, The Freeman, Jul 2001
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Seventy Years Since FDR: A Time To Remember John T. Flynn, 10 Mar 2003
"John T. Flynn was a successful and influential journalist with a reputation for candor and first-rate research. He was neither a shill for Big Government nor a puppet of Big Business. He railed against both when they conspired to undermine the Constitution, erode our freedoms, or suck the nation into foreign entanglements."
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Larry Reed Shares Why He Fights for Liberty & the Future Direction of FEE, by Pete Eyre, The Motorhome Diaries, 22 Jul 2009
Larry discusses how he became involved in the liberty movement, and the history, role and future of FEE
"In coming years, I suspect that FEE will reassert its long-standing position as a kind of ideological mothership of the broader freedom movement."