Oscar winning producer, 2004 Libertarian Presidential aspirant


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"Aaron Russo is an American entertainment businessman, film maker, and Libertarian political figure. During his career in the entertainment industry, Russo was manager for Bette Midler and The Manhattan Transfer, and the producer of the films The Rose and Trading Places. ..."


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14 Feb 1943, in Brooklyn, New York City


24 Aug 2007, in Los Angeles


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Aaron Russo's extremism in defense of liberty, by Anthony Gregory, Rational Review, 18 May 2004
Freedom Filmmaker, by William Norman Grigg, The New American, 12 Jun 2006
"Russo, an ardent practitioner and defender of free-market capitalism, has never used the medium of film to denigrate honest entrepreneurship. He is an outspoken enemy ... of the type of elitism that manifests itself in government control over the economy for the corrupt enrichment of powerful corporate and political interests."