18th century Dutch philosopher, physician and satirist


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"Bernard de Mandeville (1670- January 19 or 21, 1733?), was a philosopher and satirist. He was born in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, where his father practised as a physician. On leaving the Erasmus school at Rotterdam he showed his ability by an Oratio scholastica de medicina (1685), and at Leiden University in 1689 he produced a thesis De brutorum operationibus, in which he advocated the Cartesian theory of automatism among animals. ..."


1670, in Rotterdam, Netherlands


21 Jan 1733, in London


Bernard Mandeville
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Bernard Mandeville: Philosopher of the Month, by Alex Voorhoeve, The Philosophers' Magazine, Oct 2003
"Mandeville ... explains why vice is the key to sociability and material progress. ... people's desire to see themselves admired and their inexhaustible desires for goods spur industry and the division of labour, through which wealth increases. Therefore, it is vanity and all its attendant vices that, when properly managed, make a society function and prosper."


The Grumbling Hive: or, Knaves Turn'd Honest, 1705
"The Root of evil Avarice, That damn'd ill-natur'd baneful Vice,Was Slave to Prodigality, That Noble Sin; whilst Luxury. Employ'd a Million of the Poor, And odious Pride a Million more ... Thus Vice nursed Ingenuity, Which join'd with Time; and Industry Had carry'd Life's Conveniencies, It's real Pleasures, Comforts, Ease, To such a Height, the very Poor Lived better than the Rich before; ..."