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Monthly broadsheet published by Frank Chodorov between 1944 and 1951

analysis was a four-page monthly broadsheet launched in 1944 by Frank Chodorov, described as "an individualistic publication—the only one of its kind in America". Murray Rothbard called it "one of the best, though undoubtedly the most neglected, of the 'little magazines' that has ever been published in the United States".


analysis: 1949-1951
    by Charles H. Hamilton, The Conservative Press in Twentieth-Century America, 1999
Note: the initial publication date is incorrect in the original title
From November 1944 through January 1951, there appeared a monthly four-page broadsheet titled analysis, which publisher Frank Chodorov later described as "an individualist publication–the only one of its kind in America." During those years, analysis became an unofficial and feisty standard-bearer for what Murray N. Rothbard has called the "old American right." ... analysis proved to be an important intellectual link between the Old Right of the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s and the development of the conservative and libertarian Right in the 1950s and 1960s.
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Publication Frequency

November 1944-January 1951

Staff and Associates

Frank ChodorovEditor, publisher (as Analysis Associates)


Chodorov, Frank (1887-1966), by Aaron Steelman, The Encyclopedia of Libertarianism, 15 Aug 2008
Biographical essay
In 1944, Chodorov began publishing a four-page broadsheet called analysis, in which in nearly every issue he was the sole writer. He greatly valued his editorial independence, calling analysis the 'most gratifying venture of my life.' ... Although analysis had a small circulation, it exerted great influence over many young conservatives and libertarians, including William F. Buckley ... and Murray N. Rothbard ... In the end, however, such devoted readers were unable to save analysis, and, as a result, Chodorov was forced to merge his publication with the Washington-based Human Events in 1951.
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Frank Chodorov: A Libertarian's Libertarian, by Joseph R. Stromberg, 30 Nov 1999
Biographical essay on Frank Chodorov with emphasis on his foreign policy views, and his debates about the Cold War with William F. Buckley Jr. and William S. Schlamm in the pages of The Freeman
[Chodorov] founded his own broadsheet, analysis in 1944. In this little journal, he could truly write what he thought. (There is some resemblance between analysis and Dwight MacDonald's Politics–in the latter's left-wing pacifist phase.) Financial difficulties led to the merger of analysis with another little journal, Human Events, in 1951.
The life and times of Murray N. Rothbard, by Jim Powell
Full title: The life and times of Murray N. Rothbard, who showed why private individuals can do just about everything that needs to be done
Lengthy biographical essay
Rothbard broke into print by writing book reviews for analysis, a newsletter started in November 1944 by Frank Chodorov, the New York-born son of a Russian Jewish immigrant peddler. Chodorov explained, "analysis looks at the current scene through the eyeglass of historic liberalism, unashamedly accepting the doctrine of natural rights, proclaims the dignity of the individual and denounces all forms of Statism as human slavery." ... With fewer than 4,000 subscribers, analysis merged with a more topical weekly newsletter, Human Events, in 1951.

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