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Mark Andrew Skousen (born 19 October 1947) is an American economist, investment analyst, newsletter editor, college professor and author.

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Franklin's Golden Rules, The Daily Reckoning, 18 May 2006
"Benjamin Franklin made great contributions as an inventor, scientist, writer, and founding father, but he is also offered valuable advice on money matters. ... An incurable optimist, Franklin was always bullish on America, and life in general. ... Franklin continued to live frugally, even during his retirement ..."
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Persuasion vs. Force, Liberty, Sep 1991
"Too often lawmakers resort to the force of law rather than the power of persuasion to solve a problem in society. ... Character and responsibility are built when people voluntarily choose right over wrong, not when they are forced to do so. ... Freedom without responsibility only leads to the destruction of civilization ..."
Related Topic: Personal Responsibility
Ricardo, David (1772-1823), The Encyclopedia of Libertarianism, 15 Aug 2008
Biographical essay
"David Ricardo was a brilliant classical economist. His policies of free trade and hard money helped propel Britain into its role as 'workshop of the world' and as an industrial giant, yet his labor theory of value and antagonistic model of capitalism proved misguided and gave unexpected support to the Marxists and socialists. ... Ricardo's dismal science, together with the doctrines of his friend, Thomas Malthus, moved economics away from Adam Smith's invisible hand with its harmony of interests and onto a path of class antagonism and exploitation, giving ammunition to socialist and Marxist causes."
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The Naked Truth About "Porno" Scanners
"... the Obama administration's decision to install invasive 'full body' scanners at airports in the United States, and to impose invasive pat-downs for those who uphold their Fourth Amendment rights against 'unreasonable searches.' ... Sadly, the majority of Americans seem to support this new attack on privacy. A recent poll found that 80% of citizens go along with the 'full body' searches, a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment (no matter what the courts decide)."

Books Authored

Economic Logic, 2000
Partial contents: What is Economics? - The Foundations of Economic Behavior - Production and Consumption: The Structure of Economic Activity - The Theory of the Firm: The Role of Profit and Loss - Macroeconomics - Government Policy - What Do Economists Do
Related Topic: Economics
The Making of Modern Economics: The Lives and Ideas of the Great Thinkers, 2001
Partial contents: It All Started with Adam - The French Connection - The Irreverent Malthus - Tricky Ricardo - Milling Around - Marx Madness - Menger and the Austrians - Marshalling the Troops - The Missing Mises - The Keynes Mutiny - Milton's Paradise
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What Every Investor Should Know About Austrian Economics and the Hard Money Movement
    by Mark Skousen, Foundation for Economic Education, 1988
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Ben Franklin: Conservative, Libertarian, or Radical Democrat?, by David Boaz (moderator), Mark Skousen (speaker), 19 Jan 2006
Book Forum hosted by Boaz, with presentation by Skousen discussing Franklin's Autobiography, Skousen's The Compleated Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin and under what political viewpoint would one categorize Franklin
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Is Adam Smith the Father of Economics and Free-Market Capitalism? [Reason Podcast], by Nick Gillespie, Naomi Brockwell (moderator), Gene Epstein, Mark Skousen, 5 Jul 2017
Report, audio and transcript of the debate, held on 13 Jun 2017, on the resolution "Adam Smith should be honored as the founder of modern economics and free-enterprise capitalism" between Mark Skousen for the affirmative and Gene Epstein for the negative
"In February 1793, the British Empire was in crisis. Over the past 10 years, the United Kingdom, the greatest military power in the world had lost its most valued colonies to a makeshift army of American ruffians and was near bankruptcy. ... Lord North had been replaced by a very young but dependable Prime Minister, the Lord of the Treasury William Pitt, the younger. ... he was a student the new political economy, the new doctrine of economic liberalism. ... the system of natural liberty advocated by a Scottish professor of moral philosophy who had gained immortality with the publication of a big, fat book ..."

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