Professor of philosophy and business ethics, co-founder of Reason magazine
Tibor Machan

Tibor Richard Machan (18 March 1939 – 24 March 2016) was a Hungarian-American philosopher. A professor emeritus in the department of philosophy at Auburn University, Machan held the R. C. Hoiles Chair of Business Ethics and Free Enterprise at the Argyros School of Business & Economics at Chapman University in Orange, California until 31 December 2014.


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18 Mar 1939, Tibor Richard Machan, in Budapest, Hungary


24 Mar 2016, in Silverado Canyon, California


Advocates for Self-Government, Board of Advisors
Cato Institute, Adjunct Scholar
Independent Institute, Research Fellow
Reason Foundation, Co-founder

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Bob Poole Remembers Tibor Machan, A Fellow Founding Co-Editor of Reason Magazine, by Robert W. Poole, Jr., 25 Mar 2016
Memorial essay, highlighting Machan's life, his involvement with Reason and the Reason Foundation, and some of his writings
"Tibor was born in Budapest in 1939. He was such an individualist, that he already loathed Communism as a young teenager. For his own safety, his mother decided to have him smuggled out of Hungary at age 14. He made his way to the United States, and joined the Air Force rather than waiting to be drafted into the Army. There he discovered the novels of Ayn Rand, which led him to attend college at Claremont McKenna College, graduate school at NYU, and obtain a PhD in philosophy at UC Santa Barbara in 1971."
Related Topic: Reason Foundation
Book Review: Individuals And Their Rights by Tibor R. Machan, by David M. Brown, The Freeman, Jun 1990
Review of Tibor Machan's 1989 book Individuals and Their Rights
"In his new and very readable book on our natural rights, philosopher Tibor R. Machan has accepted a task that too many contemporary advocates of liberty regard as almost beside the point. ... Machan defends his thesis ably against several contending theories, and is generally effective in doing so. He pays careful attention to what his colleagues are arguing and gives their theories their due before exposing their fallacies. My one gripe with his approach and with the entire book is his tendency to garnish perfectly plain and defensible contentions with unnecessary qualifications ... "
Hero of the Day - Tibor Machan (2), The Daily Objectivist
Introduction to Philosophical Inquiries, by Lester Hunt, Reason, Sep 1977
Brief review of Tibor Machan's book Introduction to Philosophical Inquiries
"Here we find that Machan's attitude toward philosophy is a rather peculiar one in today's context: he believes that philosophy is valuable practically, because it seeks the truth about matters of absolute importance. ... Professor Machan does not regard philosophical theories merely as a series of 'isms' that should be mastered as a part of one's liberal education. His primary aim is always to aid us in deciding, rationally, which positions are true. He carefully shows the plausibility of each one, as well as the difficulties each one inevitably encounters."
Related Topic: Philosophy
Tibor Machan, a Founding Editor of Reason, RIP: Refugee from communism, academic philosopher, Objectivist, popular columnist brought precision and clarity to Reason's early years, by Nick Gillespie, 25 Mar 2016
Memorial tribute, describing Machan's involvement with Reason through the years
"Tibor's impact and influence on the growth and development of Reason can't be overstated. Especially in those early years, he brought not just a rigorous philosophical mind-set to our pages but, as a refugee from communist Hungary, a personal fire for individual liberty and a free society that energized all our efforts. Tibor was also a longtime columnist and consultant to Freedom Communications and the author and editor of dozens of books ..."
Related Topic: Reason
Tibor Machan - Hero of the Day, The Daily Objectivist, 2000


Boxer's Confusion about Ownership, 4 May 2007
Explains the absurdity of California Senator Barbara Boxer's statement that public lands are "owned ... by the American people"
"The moral of Wittgenstein's gesture is plain: Ownership without the authority to decide to what use what is being owned will be put is meaningless, absurd. ... If the American people need to be allowed to make certain kinds of use of the lands Senator Boxer's bill makes public property, they aren't the owners of such property."
On gouging, Rational Review, 8 Sep 2004
"In a free society whoever is selling something is free to ask whatever price he or she desires. ... It is when some take advantage of those hit with ... multiple emergencies ... that the charge of gouging makes sense ... Exactly when this is cannot be said ahead of time, nor from afar ..."
Related Topic: Prices
Some reflections on Georgism, Rational Review, 29 Jul 2004
"Since there is no one else who has done so much for the creation of this value than the individual who recognized the potential and then acted on it, he or she ought to be the one to use and control it­-- he has property rights to it."
Related Topic: Property Rights
Why Markets Are Dreaded, 27 Apr 2007
Insights on why higher education professionals contend they should not have to compete in the free market and instead governments should run colleges and universities
"Markets are arenas wherein people exchange goods and services with one another, once they have freely reached agreement on terms. The market is, in other words, a place of voluntary commercial and professional interaction. ... Markets are free forums of trade and those in markets are free agents dealing on terms they can agree to."
Related Topic: Free Market

Books Authored

A Primer on Business Ethics, 2003
Related Topics: Business, Ethics
Ayn Rand, 1 Mar 2000
Contents: Ayn Rand, Iconoclast - Intellectual Iconoclast - Rand on Axiomatic Concepts - Rand's Moral Philosophy - Rand's Rational Individualism - Rand versus Marx - Rand's Moriarty - Room for Work
Related Topic: Ayn Rand
Classical Individualism: The Supreme Importance of Each Human Being, 1998
Generosity: Virtue in the Civil Society
    by Tibor Machan, Cato Institute, 1998
Contents: Generosity, A Benevolent Virtue - Dimensions of Generosity: Private, Social, and Political - Institutional Generosity - Generosity via Government? - Blocked Exchanges
Individual Rights Reconsidered: Are the Truths of the U.S. Declaration of Independence Lasting?
    by Tibor Machan (Editor), 2001
Putting Humans First: Why We Are Nature's Favorite, 2004
Related Topic: Rights
The Man Without a Hobby: Adventures of a Gregarious Egoist, 2004
The Passion for Liberty, Aug 2003
Partial contents: Opposing Senses of Freedom - Why Capitalism Squares with Morality - Immigration Into a Free Society - Military Defense of the Free Society - Liberty: Economic Versus Moral Benefits - Reflections On the Right to Private Property
Related Topic: Liberty

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