Territory in southeast Asia, ruled since 1975 by the Sathalanalat Paxathipatai Paxaxon Lao


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"Laos Lao: ສາທາລະນະລັດ ປະຊາທິປະໄຕ ປະຊາຊົນລາວ, Sathalanalat Paxathipatai Paxaxon Lao, officially the Lao People's Democratic Republic, is a landlocked country in Southeast Asia, bordered by Burma and China to the northwest, Vietnam to the east, Cambodia to the south and Thailand to the west. Its population was estimated to be 6.5 million in 2012. ..."

Measures of Freedom

Human Freedom Index [PDF], The Human Freedom Index 2016
2014: 6.43, Rank: 109, Personal Freedom: 6.00, Economic Freedom: 6.85, Democracy Index: 2.47
Laos | Freedom House, Freedom in the World 2016
2016: Status: Not Free, Aggregate Score: 12, Political Rights: 7, Civil Liberties: 6
"The Lao government in 2015 continued to pursue an economic opening while tightening its control over political space. Although the country has achieved high growth rates overall, inequality is growing sharply as well, fueling public discontent. The authorities appeared increasingly attentive to criticism on social media during the year. Officials detained citizens for contentious posts and seemed concerned about the country's image ahead of its 2016 chairmanship of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)."
Level of Economic Freedom, Economic Freedom of the World
2014: 6.85, Rank: 91


Improve the CIA? Better to abolish it, by Chalmers Johnson, San Francisco Chronicle, 22 Feb 2004
Lists countries where the CIA conducted subversive operations and recommends abolishing the agency.
"Since the overthrow of the Iranian government in 1953, the CIA has engaged in similar disguised assaults on the governments of Guatemala (1954); the Congo (1960); Cuba (1961); Brazil (1964); Indonesia (1965); Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia (1961-73); Greece (1967); Chile (1973); Afghanistan (1979 to the present); El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua (1980s); and Iraq (1991 to the present) -- to name only the most obvious cases."
The Lethal Legacy of U.S. Foreign Intervention, by Sheldon Richman, 12 Feb 2014
Presents examples of the deadly lasting effects of U.S. intervention: continuing sectarian conflicts in Iraq and unexploded bombs in Laos
"According to the website Legacies of War, 'the U.S. dropped over 2 million tons of ordnance over Laos in 580,000 bombing missions, the equivalent of one planeload every 8 minutes, 24 hours a day, for 9 years.' ... 40 years after America's war of aggression against the people of Southeast Asia, American munitions continue to kill people."
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