Lawyer, 1980 United States Presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party


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"Edward E. 'Ed' Clark (born 4 May 1930) is an American lawyer and politician who ran for Governor of California in 1978, and for President of the United States as the nominee of the Libertarian Party in the 1980 presidential election. Clark is an honors graduate of Tabor Academy, Dartmouth College and received a law degree from Harvard Law School. ..."


4 May 1930, Edward E. Clark, in Middleborough, Massachusetts


Board of Advisors, Advocates for Self-Government

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Libertarian Party: History: Presidential & Vice-Presidential Candidates: 1980: Clark/Koch
"Presidential Candidate: Ed Clark; Vice Presidential Candidate: David Koch; On the ballot: 50 states plus D.C.; Votes: 921,199; Campaign Book: A New Beginning"
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Clark For President - A Report on the 1980 Libertarian Presidential Campaign, by Ed Crane (Communications Director), Dec 1980
with Chris Hocker (National Coordinator)
"The Clark Master Plan identified ... corollary goals ...: 'Attain a balance-of-power position in the 1980 Presidential Election; that is, garner more votes than are likely to decide the election.' The level of success in reaching this goal is again one of degree. Clark came nowhere near attaining the balance of power in the national popular vote, of course. ... it could be described as 'a' balance of power position, but not 'the' balance of power position."

Books Authored

A New Beginning, Aug 1980
Introduction by Eugene McCarthy