17th century English jurist, drafter of the Petition of Right


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"Sir Edward Coke (pronounced "cook") (1 February 1552-3 September 1634) was an early English colonial entrepreneur and jurist whose writings on the English common law were the definitive legal texts for some 300 years. He became a Member of Parliament in 1589, Speaker of the House of Commons in 1592 and was appointed England's Attorney General in 1593, a post for which he was in competition with his rival Sir Francis Bacon. ..."


1 Feb 1552, in Mileham, Norfolk, England


3 Sep 1634, in Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire, England


Sir Edward Coke, Petition of Right
"In 1628 it was his bill of liberties that ultimately took the form of the Petition of Right. This was his greatest parliamentary hour. Admitting his changed views, Coke, at the age of 76, molded the ancient precedents, including Magna Carta, into a charter of liberty limiting the royal prerogative. ..."


Civil Liberty and the State: The Writ of Habeas Corpus, by Richard M. Ebeling, Future of Freedom, Apr 2002
Highlights of English and American history on the writ of habeas corpus, in particular the 17th century conflict between Charles I and Edward Coke
"When the two resolutions restricting the imprisoning and detaining of individuals without a writ of habeas corpus were returned to the House of Commons from the upper House of Lords with a proviso that 'nothing therein contained should be construed to entrench on the sovereign power of the Crown,' Coke stood up and spoke against it."
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The Classical Law of Tort, by Amanda J. Owens, Charles K. Rowley, Nov 1998
"Sir Edward Coke is most remembered for his forceful championship of the supremacy of the common law. He defended the common law against the prerogative power of the crown and the encroachments of ecclesiastical jurisdiction. In 1628 he published the first of four volumes of Institutes, which delineated some of the basic rights of an individual in a stable legal order."
The Lion and the Throne: The Life and Times of Sir Edward Coke (1552-1634)
    by Catherine Drinker Bowen, 1957