British-born science fiction author, winner of the 1993 and 1983 Prometheus Awards

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"James Patrick Hogan (born June 27, 1941, London) is a science fiction author. Hogan's style of science fiction is sometimes considered hard science fiction; in his earlier work he conveyed a sense of what science and scientists were about. His philosophical view on how science should be done comes through in many of his novels; theories should be formulated based on empirical research, not the other way around. ..."

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27 Jun 1941, James Patrick Hogan, in London


12 Jul 2010, in Republic of Ireland

Awards Received

1983 Prometheus Best Novel Award, granted by Libertarian Futurist Society, Prometheus Best Novel Award
For Voyage from Yesteryear
1993 Prometheus Best Novel Award, granted by Libertarian Futurist Society, Prometheus Best Novel Award
For The Multiplex Man

Web Pages

James P. Hogan - Libertarian
Advocates for Self-Government
"Mix together hard science, inventive plots, and a strong libertarian message, and what do you get? Libertarian science fiction writer James Patrick Hogan. ... Mirror Maze, a 1989 novel of speculative political fiction ... reflects one of Hogan's more libertarian observations: 'The really big-time crooks don't break laws. They make them.'"


Electricity Powers the Universe, 30 Jul 2008
Presents the Electric Universe theory as a more plausible explanation than gravity and black holes
"... electrical theorists have developed an alternative paradigm for interpreting astronomical observations, based on principles that are well understood and can be demonstrated in any electrical or plasma laboratory. It requires none of the esoteric physics or ad-hoc inventions that the mainstream has had to resort to repeatedly when new observations failed to match expectations, or were never anticipated at all, and it is proving to be more powerful predictively. "

Books Authored

The Multiplex Man, 1992
1993 Prometheus Award winner
Voyage from Yesteryear, 1982
1983 Prometheus Award winner