Co-founder of Spy magazine, editor of Vanity Fair

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14 Jul 1949, Edward Graydon Carter, in Toronto, Ontario

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Graydon Carter - Friend of Liberty
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Graydon Carter Shows How Bush Makes Lies Seem True, and Just What We've Lost on Bush's Watch, BuzzFlash, 29 Sep 2004
Topics include: Vanity Fair's critiques of the Bush administration, WMDs, What We've Lost, the environment, federal judges appointed by Bush, liberal bias in the mainstream press, 2004 election polls and Internet journalism
"Like so many others, Graydon Carter reached a point where he had had enough. As editor of Vanity Fair and a seasoned journalist, he took a stand. His magazine has run three stories this year, totaling 75,000 words, on the Bush agenda and the careless havoc it has wreaked worldwide. Carter also came out with the polished and persuasive tome, What We've Lost ... Graydon Carter also is executive producer of the award-winning documentary 9/11, the father of four, and a New Yorker."
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What We've Lost, Sep 2004
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