U.S. First Lady (1993-2001), former Senator and Secretary of State


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"Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (born October 26, 1947) is the junior United States Senator from New York, and a candidate for the Democratic nomination in the 2008 presidential election. She is married to Bill Clinton—the 42nd President of the United States—and was the First Lady of the United States from 1993 to 2001. ..."


Aristotle Called the 2016 Election, by Martin Cothran, 17 Nov 2016
Argues that, as per Aristotle in Rhetoric, in an election contest between a candidate with an inspiring personality (pathos) vs. another with good character (ethos) or intellect (logos), the former is more likely to win
"In this year's election, it was Hillary Clinton – whose speeches tended to lack inspiration and were largely made up of lists of policy prescriptions – who represented logos, and Donald Trump, an almost completely gut-level candidate, who represented pathos. Again, pathos won."
Familiar Bedfellows, by Sheldon Richman, 19 Nov 2014
Examines Hillary Clinton's review of Henry Kissinger's World Order
"It says a lot about former secretary of state and presumed presidential aspirant Hillary Clinton that she's a member of the Henry Kissinger Fan Club. Progressives who despised George W. Bush might want to examine any warm, fuzzy feelings they harbor for Clinton. She has made no effort to hide her admiration for Kissinger and his geopolitical views."
Saint Hillary and the Religious Left, by Murray Rothbard, The Rothbard-Rockwell Report, Dec 1994
Examines the "left post-millenialist" movement, supposed to bring about the Kingdom of God on Earth and its influence on Hillary Clinton
"... as we all know, it is Hillary, not Slick Willie, who is the hard-core ideologue in the White House. ... Hillary Rodham was born in northern Illinois Yankee country, in the Chicago suburb of Park Ridge. Her grandparents told stories about their Methodism in early-nineteenth-century England, not many generations removed from the founding of Methodism by John Wesley."
Will 2016 Be a Good Year for the Corporate State?, by Sheldon Richman, 13 Dec 2013
Considers the prospective 2016 U.S. presidential contenders, Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie, and how they line up with the aims of the corporate state, and further comments about South Africa
"In Clinton, then, we have a friend of the bankers and a friend of the military-industrial complex, since as secretary of state she was an advocate of a muscular foreign policy, including intervention in Libya. (When she was in the Senate she voted to give George W. Bush a blank check to invade Iraq, and when she was first lady, she pushed Bill Clinton to drop bombs on the Balkans)"
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Would-Be Rulers without Clothes, by Sheldon Richman, Future of Freedom, May 2008
Examines Hillary Clinton's assertion about "wanting" a universal health care plan
"Imagine that Clinton was your neighbor and that she came up with a plan for a neighborhood association that would provide a variety of services, including medical coverage and pensions. 'My plan won't work unless everyone participates,' she says. She proceeds to threaten anyone who refuses to go along. What would you think of this woman? If she demanded your money at gunpoint, you would call the cops, wouldn't you?"