Founder, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Whole Foods Market, Inc.

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John Mackey as a Hero of Intellectual Integrity, by Michael Strong, The Huffington Post, 18 Aug 2009
Michael, co-founder with John of Freedom Lights Our World (FLOW), Inc., examines the reactions to John's 12-Aug op-ed about healthcare
"John became libertarian in the early 1980s. His constituency then, as now, was primarily left. It would have been safer and wiser for him to remain on the left. But unlike many business people, John reads a great deal and takes ideas seriously (he had been a philosophy major before he dropped out to start Whole Foods)."
The Transformation of John Mackey, by Ralph Reiland, Mises Daily, 13 Jun 2006
"'As a businessman who knows something about marketing and branding, I can tell you the freedom movement is branding itself very poorly.' By incorrect branding, Mackey means that too much emphasis about individual freedom has been focused on side issues, such as the legalization of drugs, and not enough on the big picture."


Winning the Battle for Freedom and Prosperity, Liberty, Jun 2006
Updated from speech given at FreedomFest 2004; after a brief background on himself, Mackey criticises the freedom movement from a marketing and branding perspective and suggests a different approach by de-emphasising some issues and prioritising others
"I stumbled into reading Milton Friedman, Friedrich Hayek, Ludwig von Mises, Ayn Rand — I read all of them. ... I identify myself as a Libertarian. I am one of those people who actually votes Libertarian. ... What I love most about the freedom movement are the ideas of voluntary cooperation and spontaneous order when channeled through free markets, leading to the continuous evolution and progress of humanity."


Sunni's Salon Interview with John Mackey, by John Mackey, Sunni Maravillosa, May 2005
"I no longer think of myself as a leftist, but I definitely don't think of myself as from the right either. For the past 25 years I've thought of myself as a libertarian, but I'm now beginning to move away from that label as well. I have a number of intellectual problems with libertarianism as a political philosophy as it currently exists."