American stand-up comedian, Emmy award winner for "Dennis Miller Live"


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"Dennis Miller born November 3, 1953 in Pittsburgh is an American entertainer, stand-up comedian, political and social commentator and television personality. Miller has been labeled by some critics as being somewhat obnoxious and blunt, with an observational and brooding sense of humor. His monologues and stand-up routines often feature elaborate metaphors and erudite references to historical and political events. ..."


Clint Eastwood announces: I'm a "libertarian", Libertarian Party News, 18 Feb 1997
Libertarian Party press release based on Eastwood's response to a Playboy interview question: "How would you characterize yourself politically?"
"Eastwood joins a growing number of individuals in the entertainment industry who have identified themselves as libertarians. Included on that list are TV star John Laroquette, humorist Dave Barry, author P.J. O'Rourke, movie actor Russell Means, magician Jillette Penn, author Camille Paglia, TV reporter John Stossell, and comedian Dennis Miller."
Dennis the Right-Wing Menace?: Comedian Miller gets a FNC gig, by Duncan Currie, National Review Online, 27 Jun 2003
"... in a 1996 Playboy interview, Miller identified himself as 'a conservative libertarian.' His libertarian bent did reveal itself at various times during his HBO career — for example, he devoted one November 1994 'rant' to advocating the legalization of drugs and prostitution ..."
Political Arena: June 2005, Libertarian Party News, 1 Jun 2005
"In one of the most recent public professions of libertarianism by a noted public figure, funnyman Dennis Miller ... reportedly said on 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart' that he is 'libertarian on everything.' And he said it not only once, but twice during the show that aired on April 21 ..."


Dennis Miller interviews Ron Paul, by Dennis Miller, Ron Paul (interviewee), 3 Aug 2007
Radio interview