President of the Free Enterprise Fund


Cato Institute


Senior Fellow, Cato Institute
Founder, past President, The Club for Growth, Inc.
Eris Society
Board of Scholars, Virginia Institute for Public Policy


Julian Simon Remembered: It's a Wonderful Life, Cato Policy Report, Mar 1998
"The ultimate embarrassment for the Malthusians was when Paul Ehrlich bet Simon $1,000 in 1980 that five resources (of Ehrlich's choosing) would be more expensive in 10 years. Ehrlich lost: 10 years later every one of the resources had declined in price by an average of 40 percent."
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Books Authored

It's Getting Better All the Time: 100 Greatest Trends of the Last 100 Years
    by Stephen Moore, Julian Simon, Cato Institute, 2000
Partial contents: Health - Diets and Nutrition - Wealth - The State of Poor Americans - The State of Children and Teens - The American Worker - Leisure, Recreation, and Entertainment - Housing - Transportation, Innovation, and Scientific Progress