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Dr. Bruce L. Benson: DeVoe L. Moore Professor and Distinguished Research Professor
Department of Economics, Florida State University

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Illicit Drugs, The Encyclopedia of Libertarianism, 15 Aug 2008
Reviews various arguments made to justify the drug war (e.g., property crime, violence) versus the actual effects of prohibition (e.g., black markets, asset forfeiture)
"Libertarians have consistently argued that individuals should be free to consume mind-altering substances such as heroin, cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, and tobacco given that others are not harmed. When we examine spillover harms that are allegedly caused by the consumption of these products, they cannot stand muster. Further, even if some spillovers occur, anticonsumption policies are not warranted because their implementation, it has been shown, invariably imposes even greater costs than drug use. Yet prohibitionist policies persist because they promote the interests of several powerful political groups."

Books Authored

The Enterprise of Law: Justice Without the State, 1990
Related Topic: Law
To Serve and Protect: Privatization and Community in Criminal Justice
    by Bruce L. Benson, Independent Institute, 1998
Partial contents: Private Inputs for Public Crime Control - Private Crime Control - Policy Analysis and Recommendations: From a Privatized System of Crime Control to Government Domination, and How to Get Back Again