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"Tom Bethell (born 1936) is an journalist specializing in economic issues, known for his support of the market economy, political conservatism, and unorthodox science. ..."


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Media Fellow, Hoover Institution

Archived Articles

The American Spectator, by Tom Bethell


How Private Property Saved the Pilgrims, by Tom Bethell, Hoover Digest, 1999
Excerpted and adapted from The Noblest Triumph
"Knowing that the fruits of his labor would benefit his own family and dependents, the head of each household was given an incentive to work harder. ... the division of property established a proportion or 'ratio' between act and consequence. Human action is deprived of rationality without it, and work will decline sharply as a result."
Related Topic: Property Rights
Inside the Garrison Investigation: The Thomas Bethell Diary, by Tom Bethell, 1967

Books Authored

The Electric Windmill: An Inadvertent Autobiography
    by Tom Bethell, 1988
The Noblest Triumph: Property and Prosperity Through the Ages
    by Tom Bethell, 1998
Related Topic: Property Rights