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"David Brudnoy (5 June 1940 - 9 December 2004) was an American talk radio host in Boston from 1976 to 2004. His radio talk show aired on WBZ radio. He was known for espousing his libertarian views on a wide range of political issues, in a manner that was courteous. Thanks to WBZ's wide signal reach, he gained a following from across the United States as well as Canada. On 9 December 2004, he succumbed to Merkel cell carcinoma after it had metastasized to his lungs and kidneys. ..."

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5 Jun 1940, David Barry Brudnoy, in Minneapolis, Minnesota


9 Dec 2004, in Boston, Massachusetts

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Advocates for Self-Government - Libertarian Education: David Brudnoy - Libertarian
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"As a host, Brudnoy was praised by the Associated Press for his 'intellectual thoughtfulness, his sense of humor, and his easygoing manner.' The Boston Globe said about him: 'Brudnoy is the rare talk show host who is neither mean nor moralistic.' On the air, Brudnoy said he always tried to be 'less ideological and more empathic.'"


Boston radio legend David Brudnoy joins LP: After years as a "libertarian" Republican, he finally admits that the GOP is hopeless, Libertarian Party News, Apr 1998
Commentary on Brudnoy's giving up on the Republican Party and joining the Libertarians at the LP of Massachusetts convention
"'He's exceptionally witty, informed, articulate, bold, and insightful -- earning the respect of radio listeners nationwide,' said Carla Howell ... Brudnoy, who was named as one of the '100 Most Influential' radio talk show hosts in 1998 by Talkers magazine, is also a professor at Boston University ..."
In Memoriam: FIRE Mourns the Passing of David Brudnoy, 20 Dec 2004
FIRE (Foundation for Individual Rights in Education) press release
"Mr. Brudnoy's contributions to FIRE were invaluable. He was a committed and consistent defender of liberty ... Tributes to Mr. Brudnoy's life have spanned the political spectrum, with Senator Ted Kennedy, Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, and many others paying their respects."

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Life is Not a Rehearsal, Dec 1996