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Dining Around with Gene Burns
KKSF 910 AM NewsTalk San Francisco, Sat 10am-1pm PT


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"Gene Burns (born December 3, 1940) is an American talk radio host. He is scheduled to host two programs which broadcast from the studios of NewsTalk 910 AM in San Francisco. The Gene Burns Program, a political and social commentary show, airs weekday afternoons. Dining Around with Gene Burns, a food and wine program, airs weekly on Saturdays. ..."

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Libertarianism and the Great Divide, by Justin Raimondo, 16 Mar 2007
Review of Brian Doherty's Radicals for Capitalism
"Gene Burns dropped out of contention for the Libertarian Party's 1984 presidential nomination not because he wasn’t 'thrilled' at the prospect of running, but due to the discovery that he advocated going to war with Nicaragua's Sandinistas. He was dropped, and not vice-versa. "
Total Victory: How Sweet It Is! [PDF], by Murray Rothbard, The Libertarian Forum, 1983
Lengthy account and commentary on the 1983 Libertarian Party presidential convention
"It wasn't supposed to be an exciting convention. Since January, radio talk show host Gene Burns of Orlando, Florida had been campaigning hard for the Presidential nomination. No one was in the field to oppose him. ... The peaceful lull, and all hopes for a serene convention, ended abruptly on Thursday, August 25, when I and a few others received a lengthy mailgram from Gene Burns announcing his withdrawal from the race, this announcement coming a mere four days before the convention."