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"Robert Barro (born 1944) is an influential macroeconomist and the Paul M. Warburg Professor of Economics at Harvard University. Dr. Barro first reached wide notice with a 1974 paper entitled 'Are Government Bonds Net Wealth?', a paper which argued that, under certain assumptions, present borrowing would be matched by increased lending in order to pay future taxes expected to pay the debt on the government bonds. This paper was direct response to the Blinder-Solow results, which had implied that the long term implications of government borrowing would be compensated for by the wealth effect. This paper is among the most cited in macro-economics, and its implications of his Ricardan Equivalence Hypothesis are still being debated in the present. In a strange twist, many neo-Keynesians now argue for fiscal restraint, while REH implies that it is possible for government debt to 'crowd in' private investment, rather than 'crowd out' as Blinder-Solow's results maintain. ..."

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28 Sep 1944, in New York City


Paul M. Warburg Professor of Economics, Harvard University
Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution

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