Porto Alegre, Brazil


Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil

Conferences and Conventions

5 Apr - 6 Apr 2004, XVII Liberty Forum - Forum da Liberdade, in Porto Alegre, Brazil


A Libertarian Visits South America, by Jacob G. Hornberger, Future of Freedom, Mar 1999
Relates Hornberger's trip to visit the Instituto de Estudos Empresariais in Brazil and the Fundación Atlas para una Sociedad Libre in Argentina
"[The] Instituto de Estudos Empresariais (IEE — Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies) in Porto Alegre, Brazil ... was founded in 1984 'to encourage and prepare new leadership, based on the principles of the free-market economy, free enterprise, and the rule of law.' I first encountered the institute in 1995, when I was invited to speak at its annual Forum of Liberty on the subject of education and the free market."