20th century Austrian economist


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"Joseph Alois Schumpeter (February 8, 1883 - January 8, 1950) was an Austrian economist (though not an 'Austrian economist' in the sense of being a member of the Austrian School of economics) and a giant in the history of economic thought. ..."


8 Feb 1883, in Triesch, Czech Republic


8 Jan 1950, in Taconic, Connecticut


Non-Marxist Theories of Imperialism, by Alan Fairgate, Feb 1976
Examines writings of critics of imperialism that are not based on Marxist analysis
"Stromberg's analysis is strongly influenced by Joseph Schumpeter, who sought to formulate a non-Marxist theory of imperialism in his essay 'Imperialism' ... Schumpeter focused especially on the role of protectionism in facilitating the formation of cartels and trusts in the domestic economy and on the resulting distortions. His analysis stressed the intimate ties between bankers and the cartel organizers and noted that the two may often be identical. ... Schumpeter repeatedly stressed the 'atavistic' nature of imperialism, and argued that a capitalist system is inherently anti-imperialist ..."