Panorama City, California

Conferences and Conventions

12 Mar - 14 Mar 2004, 2004 Convention, in San Jose, California
18 Feb - 20 Feb 2005, Convention 2005, in Los Angeles


24 Feb - 27 Feb 2006, Liberty at Sea '06, to Ensenada, Mexico, in Los Angeles

Awards Granted

The Sons of Liberty Award, 1983
1982 U.S. Senate candidate
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California LP targets utility taxes with "Operation Energy Tax Revolt", Libertarian Party News, Jan 2002
"Over the past year, the state legislature has sent energy prices soaring by piling regulations on energy companies in the wake of California's electricity crisis ... 'We don't believe local governments should benefit monetarily because of state government regulations that drive up prices for consumers,' said Starr ..."
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Four California tax increases defeated, Libertarian Party News, Dec 2004
"The LP joined with the Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association (headed by Libertarian Dennis Umphress) to oppose 13 of the 15 tax increase proposals in the county. ... They succeeded in defeating four tax increase measures on Election Day, saving local taxpayers millions of dollars over the next few years."
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