May 27-31, 2004 - Atlanta, GA
Neal BoortzSpeaker
James BovardSpeaker
Dean CameronSpeaker
Michael ColleySpeaker
Sharon HarrisSpeaker
Kenneth V. KrawchukSpeaker
Jim LarkSpeaker
Richard MackSpeaker
Carl MilstedSpeaker
David NolanSpeaker
Ron PaulSpeaker
Mary RuwartKeynote speaker
Ed ThompsonSpeaker
Jimmie VaughanFeatured performer at May 28 concert

Conferences and Conventions

27 May - 31 May 2004, in Atlanta (Marriot Marquis Hotel), Georgia


Conventional unwisdom: The Life of the Party, part 19, by Thomas L. Knapp, Rational Review, 1 Jun 2004
"A group of Young Turks in the LP ... deserve to be congratulated. They took on the LP 'establishment;' they took on the conventional wisdom; and they won. ... The LP's future, if it has one, lies precisely with those Americans who sense a need for a radical, in your face, 'well, Bob, fuck the conventional wisdom' alternative. ... Frankly, I think that Badnarik will surprise everyone."
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The Libertarian Party Stays the Course: Reports from a political convention full of both surprises and the status quo, by Brian Doherty, Reason, 3 Jun 2004
"Badnarik has a very libertarian message about restricting the government strictly to its explicitly Constitutional duties ... The LP, as always, has its work cut out for it. And its hardcore devotees don't seem to want it any other way."
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The metaphysics of Atlanta: The Life of the Party, Part 20, by Steve Trinward, Rational Review, 14 Jun 2004
"... I wonder how many ... of those one-to-one contacts Michael [Badnarik] has been making for the past nearly two years are going to result in new Libertarian activists, donors, contributors, candidates and other soldiers for the cause?"
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